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Rare Old Books

We have more than anyone else!

We have Liverpool’s largest private library of old Liverpool books which have long been out of print and circulation so we've reproduced them in eBook format for you to enjoy today. Original books with original images dating back as far as 1843. Get to know the Liverpool of your ancestors.

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Rare Old Maps

Reproduced from the 6 inch to 1 mile 1901 edition!

Over a hundred years old and full of detail. Back then Liverpool was a smaller place so find out where your family streets, churches and schools where and what was around the corner in the district, then you'll get to know them better.

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Rare Old Liverpool

We have images going back to 1237!

Bring your family tree to life with images of your old Liverpool streets, churches, schools and district or try one of our unique and very rare 'Reproductions' which can be framed and hung on your wall. They make great gifts.

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Get to know your family background...

  • See where they lived

    Discover where your ancestors lived with our collection of Liverpool Directories. They contain lists of names and addresses of most of the people who lived in Liverpool during those times.



    See Liverpool Directories

    Gore's Liverpool Directory 1766
    Baines Liverpool Directory 1825
    Liverpool Directories 1766, 1790, 1825, 1827
  • See their Liverpool

    Knowing where they lived is one thing but seeing what the Liverpool of their day was really like is something else. The streets, the slums, the schools, churches, buildings and monuments. It's all here.



    Learn about the old ways

    Liverpool 1066 - 1907
    Liverpool around 1840
    Liverpool around 1900
  • See into their daily lives

    Your ancestor's everyday grind was interesting in the old days of the world's number one port. Life was great for some and tragic for many more. Their daily routines are all captured here.



    Learn about the old days

    The Docks in 1882
    Murders from the 1800s
    Shipwrecks from the 1800s
  • See them at war

    You might have seen the films but what was life really like in the trenches in the First World War. Read the first hand accounts of the men of the 9th Kings Regiment, Liverpool and the Ulster Division in France.



    Learn about Liverpool's WWI

    WWI Liverpool Regiment
    WWI Irish Regiment

Get to know your ancestor's Liverpool...

  • Liverpool Books

    We've probably got the biggest collection of 'Old Liverpool' eBooks available in one place and because we produce them from the original material ourselves, we can keep the quality up and the cost down.



    See Liverpool Books

    Liverpool Books
  • Family History Maps

    We have a great collection of original 1901 maps of 'Old Liverpool' which are full of detail including streets, schools, churches, buildings and monuments. Really suitable for framing and hanging.



    See Family History Maps

    Family History Maps
  • Liverpool Images

    You'll find a fairly extensive range of 'Old Liverpool' images in our collection and we are constantly adding more to existing and new areas. They make great additions to your Family Tree, Facebook, etc.



    See Liverpool Images

    Liverpool Images
  • Liverpool Art

    We are really proud of our 'Old Liverpool' Art Reproductions. They are reproduced from our own original material and are mostly extremely rare and not available elsewhere. Ideally suitable for framing.



    See Liverpool Art

    Liverpool Art

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